Consulta diaria

First Reading: 1K 2,1-4.10-12:
I undertake the journey of all. Take courage, be a man!
Psalm: Interleccional 1Chr 29:
You are Lord of the universe
Gospel: Mk 6:7-13  - 
He sent them in pairs

First Reading 2 Sam 24,2.9-17
Forgive the guilt of your servant, for I have done crazy
Psalm: 31
Sorry, Lord, my guilt and sin
Gospel: Mk 6:1-6  - 
A prophet despise him only in his homeland

First Reading Mal 3.1 to 4:
The messenger of the Lord is coming
Psalm: 23
The Lord God of hosts, is the King of glory
Second Reading: Heb 2.14 to 18:
Jesus, a human being fully
Gospel: Lk 2:22-32 (or Lk 2:22-40) - 
This child will be a sign of contradiction

First Reading 2 Sam 15,13-14.30; 16.5 to 13
Perhaps the Lord is fixed in my humiliation and bless me
Psalm: 3
Arise, O Lord, save me
Gospel: Mk 5.1 to 20:
Consider what the Lord has done for you

First Reading Jer 1,4-5.17-19:
I appointed you a prophet to the Gentiles
Psalm: 70
My mouth will your salvation, Lord
Second Reading 1 Cor 12.31 to 13.13:
Are faith, hope, love; the greatest is love
Gospel: Lk 4.21 to 30:
Jesus, like Elijah and Elisha, is not sent only to Jews

First Reading 2Sm 12,1-7a.10-17: 
I have sinned against the Lord
Psalm: 50
Oh God, create in me a clean heart
Gospel: Mk 4,35 to 41: 
Still not have faith?

First Reading 2 Sam 11,1-4a.5-10a.13-17:
You have mocked m marrying the wife of Uriah
Psalm: 50
Mercy, Lord, we have sinned
Gospel: Mk 4.26 to 34:
How we will compare the kingdom of God?